The Garden Room is situated in the 200-acre (80 hectare) park of historic Syon House, in west London.

Syon is one of the last great houses of London, and has been in the family of the present owners for more than 400 years. Profoundly historic, the House holds a wealth of art within its grand classical interiors, while the Park and Gardens feel like deep countryside, although barely nine miles from Charing Cross.

The History of the House

The house was built in the sixteenth century on the site of the Medieval Syon Abbey, and came to the family of the present owners in 1594. Syon has many layers of history and has seen some profound changes over the centuries. The house belongs to the Duke of Northumberland and is now his family’s London residence.

Syon House holds 600 years of history, dating back to the time of the great medieval Abbey. Yet there is an earlier story, stretching back through the Roman era, and into prehistory.

The 7th Duke of Somerset died in 1750, and Hugh and Elizabeth, who were to become the 1st Duke and Duchess of Northumberland, inherited the estates. They were leading figures in contemporary society, and would have inherited a house with dated interiors, surrounded by an unfashionable formal landscape. Gardens and House were both in a poor condition. Architect Robert Adam designed the eclectic interior of the house in the 1760s.

In the nineteenth century the 3rd Duke of Northumberland started another series of major works at Syon. Exceedingly wealthy from the proceeds of coal mining and shipping, he extensively reworked the exterior of the House, by cladding the entire structure in Bath stone and adding a Porte Cochere. Domestic imperatives were addressed with a new range of kitchens and the construction of the Oak Passage.

Through the second half of the nineteenth century Syon House was a private home, although used as a hospital during the First World War. In recent years it has undergone restoration to return it to its former glory, and is now open to visitors.

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