Team buildings activities are the perfect way to motivate and inspire your staff whilst demonstrating the importance of working together and being fun! Whether you’re organising a small conference or a large corporate event, we’ll be able to find the perfect activity to compliment your event.  Here are our top five activities from Eventwise our Team building experts;

5. Treasure hunts


A Treasure Hunt is a fun team event that can either be run as an add on to a conference or as a stand-alone entertainment event. They are a great test of lateral thinking, teamwork, ingenuity, powers of observation and creativity.

4. Circus skills


Imagine trying something new and exciting, achieving beyond your expectations and learning things you will never forget. Roll up, join the circus and create a lasting and unique team building experience.

3. Chocolate Works

Team Building - Chocolate Works - London

This is Eventwise’s best kept secret; not only will they create amazing chocolates, which would not look out of date at Thorntons it is also incredibly creative and your guests will be learning a lot of new skills on the way.

2.High Roller

Team Building - High Roller - London

A truly networked team is one that works together towards a common purpose, with members interacting at different levels and sharing knowledge, resource and skills.

1. Artworks

Team Building - Artworks - London

Artworks allows for guests to be creative and show skills you never knew people had whilst enforcing important messages on networking, communication and working towards a single goal.

To find out more about the team building activities which can be combined with any event please speak to the Syon Team on 01932 584 28 or email events@gardenroom‑