Planning a wedding can seem overwhelming – here’s our list of questions to ask your venue manager when listings a London wedding venue

When looking around venues for your wedding it can be exciting but also a bit overwhelming, hoping you’ll pick the perfect place for your big day. Brides aren’t always in the right mind frame to be asking every question they need to.

We asked Melaney Raby to share some of her knowledge and expertise as one of our event and venue managers here at Syon, so you’re all clued up when viewing your venues.

  1. What does the venue include?
  2. Can you use any caterer, photographer, florists, event planners etc. within the venue?

Some venues have restrictions or additional costs for this so it is good to enquire.

  1. Is there any nearby accommodation to the venue?

Quite often venues may have preferential rates with the nearby hotels.

  1. Can you hire the venue for half a day?
  2. What is the booking procedure?

It is helpful to know what your payment plan will be i.e. asking how much the deposit is, when the balance is required and if you can pay in instalments along the way.

  1. Where should the guests park for the event?
  2. Can cars be left at the venue overnight?
  3. When can the caterers and suppliers access the venue?
  4. If using the in-house caterer – can I make changes to the menu? Is a menu tasting included?
  5. Is it possible to access the venue for setup the day before – is there an extra charge for this?
  6. Can equipment be stored in the venue overnight?
  7. What is the latest time the event can go on until? Some venues have curfews depending on their location and proximity to residential areas.
  8. Can we provide our own drinks and is there a corkage fee?
  9. Where can I take my wedding photos?

It is important to get the perfect wedding photos, so ask the venue where the best place to take photos are and if you can view them beforehand.

  1. Are we able to use confetti?
  2. Are there any rooms that we can use as changing rooms or storage?
  3. Are bands permitted?

Venues may have sound restrictions in place so it is important to enquire about these and let bands and DJs know before booking with them.

  1. Can we use candles?
  2. Can we have fireworks?
  3. Can we have a BBQ?
  4. Is security provided?
  5. Do you have directions to the venue that we can give to our guests?
  6. Can we arrange coaches to come to the venue?
  7. Is the venue licensed for Civil Ceremonies?
  8. Are there any restrictions regarding theming or decorations?
  9. Are toilet and cloakroom attendants provided?

Hopefully you’re all equipped now on asking the right questions when viewing your venues. If you would like any further advice from our events team on venue planning then please email