Indoor Team Building in London

a unique opportunity to motivate and inspire your staff

Our extensive range of indoor activities has been designed to enable colleagues to engage with one another, whilst ensuring that all guests leave with a true sense of accomplishment. Our indoor team building products are market leading, offering great flexibility to fit into most venues.

Our indoor team building challenges enable you to take your conference messages or learning outcomes and turn them into hands-on interactive, fun team building experiences which guests will think about, and remember!

Indoor challenges focus on keeping delegates motivated and refreshed throughout your company away day or conference, whilst at the same time highlighting key business messages. So we can offer you an indoor team building event that will sit alongside your conference content and enhance the whole event experience at The Garden Room.

Creative Indoor Team Building Activities

Our most popular indoor team building activities include the creative Artworks, which encourages delegates to look at the bigger picture of their organisation. At the start of the game guests are split into small teams and given the challenge of producing a piece of art in gigantic proportions.

Guests have no idea what the overall artwork looks like, so they will very quickly realise that a single-minded approach will not work. The success of the teams lies within their ability to network with others.

Box of Tricks

A mysterious challenge is the Box of Tricks, which is the perfect ice breaker for conferences or corporate events. Each team is presented with a box of over 100 weird and wonderful objects, their job is to use said artefacts to fulfil as many challenges as they can. It's time to get creative!

High Roller Challenge

Or, if you’d prefer to get your guests’ scratching their heads try our mind-boggling High Roller challenge, which shows guests that the best teams are ones which work together towards a common purpose, with members interacting at different levels and sharing knowledge, resources and skills.

Each team is instructed to build 1/6th of the Roller Coaster and must work with five other teams to complete the challenge. Teams must learn to manage their resources and network with other teams to become successful.

Our range indoor team building challenges offers something to suit a wide range of events, no matter what the purpose. Whatever your brief, we're confident we'll find something to suit, and leave your guests feeling up-beat and motivated.

Speak with a member of our team to find out more about indoor team building, or other corporate events at The Garden Room, London.