Thinking of planning a summer party in London this year Be smart and plan early! Why? Because you can:


Benefit from more choice

For example, choose a flexible London summer party venue with a mixture of indoor/outdoor space so you can prepare for the weather! You never know what the weather will be like in Britain on any particular day in the summer, which is why it’s always a good idea to make sure you have a spacious indoor area just in case it rains or gets chilly in the evening. Likewise, consider a venue with an optional outdoor space so you and your guests can enjoy the great outdoors if the weather is good.

summer party London

Choose the date you want

Summer parties are big business, and it’s not uncommon for people to plan and book their events many months in advance. That means prime slots like Friday and Saturday evenings in July and Augusts can get fully booked pretty quickly, which is why it’s always a good idea to plan your dates as soon as possible.


summer party London

Get more guests

Many people book their summer holidays and holiday leave more than six months in advance, and often take their trips between mid July and early September when the main school holidays take place. Therefore, it’s a good idea get your invitations ready as early as possible so you can get as many guests as you can.

summer party London

Find the best caterers

If you book and pay for your food and drink several months in advance, you’ll beat any subsequent prices rices that might be caused by inflation. Better still, by preparing your budget well in advance and allowing yourself plenty of time to plan everything, you’ll be much less likely to go over budget. Some suppliers may also be willing to provide a discount if you book very early, as they will have more time to get everything ready and plan their schedules, too.

summer party London


Book the best entertainment

It’s not uncommon for popular acts to sell out up to a year or more in advance. If you have a particular singer or other entertainment act in mind, don’t wait! The Garden Room at Syon Park  also offers team buildings days for corporate companies and family fun days which which make the perfect summer party.


summer party London


The Garden Room at Syon Park with many years of experience in managing events in some of the UK’s most exclusive venues, can take on all the planning on your behalf. Contact us today and let us know your vision. No matter how ambitious your plans are, we guarantee to reach or exceed your expectations. No job is too big for our talented team –